Market Analysis

We compare the key success factors in your business with your competitors in your customer and prospects’ eyes. This can include all the things on offer to your customers… Range, Quality, Parking, Location, Aesthetics, Service, Layout, Branding

Business Models and Forecasting

It’s one thing to have all the data somewhere on what people think and do, its often another thing to have that mean something to your core accounting and business software. We sort that out. We can build you the spreadsheets and databases/ interfaces to make this happen

Pricing Analysis

Pricing is usually pretty crucial and we will assess where your business is at in relation to the market for opportunities… Comparing to others we will look for price change (rise/fall) opportunities for you


We utilise several of the most advanced surveying tools online including inhouse tools to deliver exacting results to help predict what will happen in future. Consumer experience and Staff experience are key here

Systems and Process Analysis

We’ll take a close look at how you do things system and process wise and look for better ways to do it. This can mean software you use or just the physical way work gets done round the place

Marketing and Ops Tools

There are many valuable tools (many free) that can help your operations and sales. But which ones will lead to problems for you and which will lead to better business? It all depends, we will find out